Dot Net Developer

  • Contractor
  • Full-Time
  • Portland, AR
  • Magnus Technol
  • Prefferd visa: OPT, H4, L2, Need H1 Visa, EAD, Green Card Holder, US Citizen
  • Posted 9 months ago – Accepting applications
Job Detail
  • Offerd Salary $ 5,000 - $ 8,000
  • Required Position 5-10 hires
  • Experience 0-10 Years Required
Job Description

Hi, Greetings from Magnus Technologies!

  •  We are set forth to announce that we are having huge openings with our Clients where few are also a Direct Clients and are looking for a self-starter who can understand open source components, modify, integrate and build a system level software applications.
  • The candidate should able to work with Linux based systems with shell scripting.
  • The candidate should able to work with different languages such as  c, c++, python, Java, Java UI, J2EE, .NET, Selenium, Salesforce etc.
  • The candidate can work remotely and visit the office as and when needed for design discussions. 
  • This is 3 months assignment with a research firm located in Princeton, NJ and pay rate of $5000 to $8000 per month based on performance.
  • Visa Status: US Citizen, Green Card, H4EAD, OPT, EAD
Job Requirement
  • C# Programming: Master the C# programming language, including its syntax, data types, control structures, and object-oriented concepts. C# is the primary language used in the .NET framework.

  • .NET Fundamentals: Understand the basic concepts of the .NET framework, including the Common Language Runtime (CLR), the Base Class Library (BCL), and the Framework Class Library (FCL).

  • Visual Studio: Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Visual Studio, the integrated development environment (IDE) commonly used for .NET development. Learn how to create projects, write and debug code, and use built-in tools.

  • Version Control: Learn Git and its fundamental concepts. Version control is crucial for collaborative development and managing changes in your codebase.

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Gain a solid understanding of OOP principles such as classes, objects, inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Apply these concepts in your code.

  • ASP.NET Basics: Learn the basics of ASP.NET for web development. Understand web controls, event handling, and basic web application architecture.

  • Database Fundamentals: Learn about databases, SQL querying, and basic database design. Understand how to connect to databases and perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

  • Entity Framework: Familiarize yourself with Entity Framework, a popular Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework used in .NET development. It simplifies database operations and data access.

  • Web APIs: Understand the concept of Web APIs and how to create and consume them using ASP.NET Web API. This is crucial for building modern web applications.

  • Unit Testing: Learn the basics of unit testing using frameworks like NUnit or MSTest. Writing tests ensures the reliability and maintainability of your code.

  • Debugging: Develop debugging skills using Visual Studio's debugging tools. Learn how to identify and fix issues in your code.

  • Basic Front-End Technologies: Get a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to work effectively on web projects. You don't need to be an expert, but familiarity helps.

  • Basic Design Patterns: Learn some fundamental design patterns like Singleton, Factory, and MVC (Model-View-Controller). These patterns provide solutions to common programming challenges.

  • Basic Security Concepts: Understand basic security principles, including data validation, authentication, and authorization, to build more secure applications.

  • Soft Skills: Develop good communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. These skills are important for collaborating with other developers and stakeholders.

  • Documentation Reading: Learn to read and understand documentation for libraries, frameworks, and APIs. This skill is essential for self-learning and troubleshooting.

Required skills