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About Our Company

OPTResume.com is a leading portal built for catering to the needs of employers hiring OPT candidates and international students seeking OPT jobs.

Established with a motive to offer OPT candidates and employers with timely and effective solutions, OPTResume.com has become one of the most trusted names in the USA. Due to our immense knowledge and experience in the field of recruitment, we can exceed your expectations.

We have a deep understanding of the situation of international students who aspire to land a decent OPT job during or after studies. Similarly, we can also comprehend the requirements of employers who intend to hire OPT candidates. We serve as a bridge between job seekers and employers. Our intuitive career platform acts as a repository of OPT students’ resumes and OPT jobs.

How We Can Help OPT Candidates find a Suitable Job?

OPT Students can post resumes for free on our online employment portal. You can take advantage of our special job placement program which guarantees 100% placement for students who wish to work on an F1 OPT visa.

We believe that the maximum number of opportunities should be made available to applicants for OTP jobs so that they can select the best option. The work performed by students during OPT or optional practical training enriches their skills and increases their experience. So, you must leverage the functionalities of our online job board to gain necessary exposure and make the most out of your OPT resume.

Why Employers Hiring OPT Candidates Rely on Us?

Many US-based employers refrain from providing jobs to the OPT candidates. But you can acquire fresh talent for your organization without any worry as we practice due diligence in all our activities. Employers can view a large number of OPT resumes on our online job portal to find the right fit for their needs.

You can also access the database of resumes belonging to international students participating in varied programs or courses in the USA. OPTResume.com is considered as a highly reliable online employment portal by companies, individual recruiters, and staffing agencies. Our website has been developed to have complete security, fast load time, and smooth navigation so that you don’t face any risk or inconvenience.

OPTResume.com is making a Difference in the World of OPT Jobs

We strive to offer the best services to OPT candidates and employers by using the latest technology and practical knowledge. Our team of recruitment experts ensures that jobs and resumes posted on our platform remain up-to-date. We post informative blogs on useful topics and the latest trends related to OPT on our website.

Just complete a simple registration process by filling the basic details and start your hunt for a desired job or candidate!